The award-winning Digital Care Home solution from Health Call shows a reduction in hospital admissions for care home residents in homes that adopted the solution.

A study undertaken by Health Data Research UK found that the implementation of Health Call technology in care homes across County Durham reduced the expected number of monthly emergency department attendances for residents.

Health Call designed the Digital Care Home solution to relieve pressure from health and social care teams. It works by providing care home staff with the tools to make quick, high-quality referrals direct to NHS Clinical teams when concerned about a resident’s wellbeing.

Care homes are provided with a Digital Care Home kit containing SBAR – Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation tool and a tablet with the Health Call app. Using the Health Call app, carers are guided through simple steps to take clinical observations. This data integrates straight into GP and hospital records which clinical teams then use to triage patients. This prevents care staff from being tied up on the phone and reduces unnecessary hospital admissions for residents that don’t need urgent care.

One hundred fifty care homes across the Northeast have already adopted the solution. As one of Health Call’s most popular solutions, it has also received some excellent from the care homes and community nurses that rely on it and is estimated to have saved the region a staggering 8 million.

The study examined 8702 care home residents in 123 care homes across County Durham and Darlington. The impact of implementing Health Call technology shows a ‘step reduction of expected monthly ED attendances for care home residents by 19%.’

The technology also enables ongoing monitoring of resident health. It provides easier access to clinical advice that promotes more appropriate and resident-focused decision making, which leads to fewer unnecessary ED attendances.

Catherine McShane, Product Specialist at Health Call, said:

It’s great to see data to back up the impact we are seeing our Digital Care Home have on community health services. Our Digital Care Home solution is a real example of collaboration between the NHS and social care. We designed the solution alongside community nurses, asking how we could improve the process for nurses, carers, residents, and their families to take the pressure off teams and help residents receive the most appropriate care. We are looking forward to seeing this solution rolled out across other regions and its impact on a larger scale.

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Case Study – Digital Care Homes in County Durham