If you missed our presentation at HETT here a video we shared which explains a bit more about the Digital Care Home project in County Durham.

Sarah Douglas from Durham Council and Catherine McShane who works for County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust worked together to implement the care home project across 124 sites.

Digital Referrals from care home to the NHS

The project looked at how to improve the quality of referrals from care homes to the NHS. It was looking to reduce unnecessary admissions to hospital, whilst also identifying patients who might be deteriorating. By starting with the clinical problem we were trying to address – we then developed the technical solution around this. Using the Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation tool, which includes the NEWS2 score, the care home staff carry out observations and report their concerns to healthcare teams.

We worked closely with stakeholders from around the system – which included care homes, the hospital trust, community services and the local GP federations. The SBAR Digital Referral tool helps community nursing teams triage patients and helps them prioritise their case load.

The project began pre-COVID, the arrival of the pandemic did present problems, but only made it more important for us to help reduce footfall into care homes. It also accelerated the project as we needed to get devices and care homes up and running more quickly.

Digital Care Homes

Our aim with our Digital Care Homes suite of products is to digitise existing pathways between care homes and the NHS. We offer a range of products, including a wound management pathway, undernutrition and a video conference solution. These tools make communication between the NHS and care homes better which leads to better care for their residents.

Next step – the rest of the region

Our SBAR Digital Referral service is being rolled out to other areas in the North East with South Tyneside, Newcastle, Gateshead and South Tees next on the list.

If you want to get in touch to find out more about the project, or how we could implement something like this in your area, contact us on enquiries@healthcallsolutions.com or call on 0191 481 4083.