Main purposes of role

Health Call is a unique organisation. It is a collaboration of seven North East NHS trusts which develops digital health solutions. As an NHS-owned organisation, we put patients and clinicians at the centre of everything we do. We have a ‘share and spread’ philosophy where we develop a product in one part of our region, we make it available to others which brings down the cost of implementing digital solutions. We are passionate about transforming health and social care pathways which ultimately mean that patients receive the best and safest care.

You will work closely under the supervision of the Clinical Safety Officer to identify and mitigate potential hazards in new digital pathway designs that have been commissioned by NHS organisations, to reduce the clinical safety risk to a minimum.

Lead multiple clinical pathway developments in the safety aspects of development, producing relevant safety documentation that will support the clinical safety case report prior to live deployment of clinical pathways, after CSO approval.

Work closely with clinical teams from external NHS organisations, who have commissioned digital pathway developments, to conduct safety hazard workshops, identifying the key safety hazards and working closely with Health Call developers, project managers and delivery team, to ensure any design in the clinical functionality, supports the mitigation of any potential safety risks that may be introduced as part of new digital clinical pathways.

Key Responsibilities

Work closely with the CSO, delivery team and external commissioning NHS organisations, to develop the documentation supporting all new pathway designs, ensuring the principles and standards of clinical safety are adhered to, ensuring all risks are mitigated to as low as possible in digital pathway developments.

Adhere to the principles of DCB 0129, identifying key functional requirements impacting on the safety of digital pathway deployment, producing the end to end documentation and processes required in the development of Health IT products.

 Key results/objectives

  • Establish and manage pathway specific expert user groups pan region, to share best practice and ensuring expert evolution and quality improvement of product development.
  • Organise and run hazard workshops, identifying potential risks with clinical commissioning leads as the domain experts.
  • Complete the hazard workshop outputs in the form of hazard logs, identifying causes, controls in place, and mitigations to reduce clinical safety impact when deploying pathways into live environments.
  • Identify main hazards and key clinical factors that would introduce risk to patient safety on deployment. Work closely with the test team, to ensure test scripts and testing supports the end-to-end process and essential clinical safety touch points.
  • Produce clinical safety management plans, hazard log outputs and mitigations, and the production of clinical safety case reports, with CSO supervision and approval. Adhere to DCB 0129, highlighting assumptions and expectations for the deploying organisation under DCB 0160. Work closely with Health Calls CSO, to ensure all relevant documentation is appropriate and clinical risk has been mitigated to an acceptable level, for deployment.
  • Contribute to baseline metrics to both qualitatively and quantitatively measure improvement and evaluation of allocated pathway developments.
  • Evaluate clinical service delivery, patient experience, clinical outcomes and staff benefits for allocated pathway developments, to support wider implementation and clinical digital transformation.
  • Responsible for liaison with the clinical stakeholder lead, of the commissioning organisation, working closely to ensure the specification and requirements are met within the safety standards.
  • Maintain clinical expertise operating within practitioner boundaries of competence. Professional competency frameworks to be adhered to according to clinical background, ensuring professional CPD requirements are maintained.
  • Support contract sustainability through clinical engagement, increasing adoption locally and out of area.
  • Contribute to wider team and organisational objectives and pathway developments as agreed.
  • Develop and manage close relationships and co-ordination with other Health Call operating areas.

Person Specification


  • Clinician with current registration with an appropriate professional body. (e.g., RCN, GPhC, etc)
  • Experience of working within a clinical informatics capacity or team, where development or deployment of digital pathways has been implemented.
  • Excellent clinical analytical skills, where complex information requires interpretation, impact predicted, and mitigations considered and applied.
  • Understanding of clinical safety principles
  • Minimum 5 years clinical experience in a clinical setting
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Self-starter and excellent time management.
  • Excellent organisational and stakeholder management skills.
  • Excellent team player.
  • Ability to challenge where clinical risk will compromise patient safety.
  • Driving license
  • Competent with Microsoft Office


  • Experience within a clinical safety role, either supplier or NHS organisation
  • Experience of Health IT software environment
  • Accredited Clinical Safety Officer or willing to undertake accreditation

Please write to us enclosing your CV and a covering letter explaining your suitability for the role and why you want to work for Health Call?