A digital solution for Tinnitus developed by Health Call , alongside Newcastle Upon-Tyne Hospital NHS Trust’s Audiology team is having a positive impact on the service and its patients, after it was implemented in September 2021.

Health Call worked with the Audiology team at the trust to digitise the  ‘Tinnitus Screening Questionnaire’, so the patients receive an email with a link from the clinic to complete their online assessment.  Depending on the patient’s scores, they are automatically referred to additional resources and support. Patients who score low – are provided with appropriate self-help materials. High scorers are referred to the clinical team so they can be investigated further.

Nurses at the Audiology team at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital

Nurses at the Audiology team at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital

This also involves asking new patients who have been referred to the clinic to complete an electronic questionnaire to allow staff to assess the level of support they need.

This helps patients to receive the most appropriate advice and care. The solution has already made a positive impact on the service and improved efficiency with the team seeing a reduction in DNA’s (did not attend).

Claire Seago, Hearing Therapy Clinical Lead, explained:

Once a new patient has completed the digital questionnaire we can assess their score and triage them appropriately.

This helps us make better use of our clinical time and we are now getting a lot fewer DNAs (did not attends).

Most patients have been very positive about the digital pathway as it has helped really speed up the process and get important information to them to help them manage their condition better.

Having gone through this experience it has also made us think about our other processes more, for example how we do hearing assessments and how we can look at digital options for those wearing hearing aids.

“We have well and truly embraced digital in Audiology!

Claire Graham, Head of Customer Success at Health Call says:

It is great to see the postive impact our Tinnitus solution is having on the Audiology Team, and it is one of our many collobtative projects with the trust. This solution is a great example of the power digital solutions have to improve services for everyone.

If you are interested in learning more about this solution or how your organisation could work together with Health Call please get in touch at enquiries@healthcallsolutions.com


Audiology team embracing digital – Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (newcastle-hospitals.nhs.uk)