NHS Health Call has proudly joined the Health and Life Sciences Pledge for North East and North Cumbria in a commitment to encourage, enable and empower more innovation across the region.

The pledge, is an initiative by the Health Innovation North East and North Cumbria, and the North East and North Cumbria NHS, which is designed to unite key regional stakeholders with a common goal: to enhance communication, foster collaboration, and collectively celebrate achievements and innovations within the health and life sciences sector.

The North East and North Cumbria region has a thriving Health and Life Sciences sector, and the significance of the Health and Life Sciences Pledge lies in its ability to harness the potential of this vibrant ecosystem.

Through collective efforts, the pledge aims to:

  • Collectively address regional health and social care challenges, supporting the reduction in health inequalities
  • Gain recognition for our unique infrastructure and assets on both a national and international stage
  • Working cohesively to identify opportunities and attract investment to our region
  • Collectively celebrating our collective success in the innovation arena.

NHS Health Call is among the newest pledgees to join a growing list of organisations from the region’s universities, NHS services, charities, and private sectors who have pledged their commitment.

Ian Dove, Managing Director at NHS Health Call, said:

“We are incredibly excited to join the Health and Life Sciences Pledge, which champions innovation and collaboration. As a digital health company owned by seven NHS Trusts across the North East and North Cumbria, our commitment lies in leveraging digital solutions to address the pressing challenges affecting our region, particularly health inequalities. Being part of this pledge aligns perfectly with our mission to drive positive change and enhance healthcare outcomes for all. We look forward to contributing our digital health expertise to support positive change.”

With the pledge’s support, NHS Health Call and other members are well-positioned to drive positive change and impact healthcare delivery and innovation throughout the region.