We’re back to reality and reflecting on an incredible event and all our inspiring conversations.

Some key takeaways from Rewired 2024 for us were:


Digital Questionnaires

Dr Vin Diwakar led the conversation on the NHS’ key priorities for the coming year and productivity within the health service, and how digital innovation can save clinical time without overcomplication was a hot topic.

FormFinity, our newest solution, enables you to create custom forms in a no-code environment. With the option to create infinite forms, you can digitise traditionally paper-based questionnaires – such as PIFU, PROMS, PREMS and preassessment – and get these to the patient ahead of appointments to streamline the process, reduce admin and prepare clinicians with relevant information ahead of time.

Virtual Wards and Digital Maturity

Many of our clinical NHS colleagues shared with us that although they have launched ‘virtual wards’ within their Trusts, they are yet to meet the definition of ‘tech-enabled’. We know that around 12,000 virtual ward beds are currently operational in England – it’s fantastic news that hundreds of patients are now being treated within their own homes each month, with all the benefits this brings for them in reducing the risks of deconditioning and improving recovery time. However, we heard that often, clinicians are still driving to patients’ homes to deliver care and writing up notes separately. This can add to the burden of our already stretched clinical teams.

On the other hand, Health Call’s VirtualCare solution is designed to streamline this process. Our super intuitive and easy-to-use app enables patients to log vitals from a tablet or phone and will flag any concerns to the clinician’s dashboard if their personal thresholds breach. It empowers teams to make data-informed decisions, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care. Patients and their carers feel proactively involved in care but can also request to see their clinical team at any time; video consultations can be arranged through the app, so if you need to see a patient face-to-face, you can avoid a round trip.

Patient Engagement Portals (PEPs)

Patient experience is at the very centre of what we do at Health Call, so we were very pleased to hear the Digital Citizen team at NHSE share that user empowerment via the provision of information and choice through the NHS App is a key priority on their roadmap. Happily, our PEP, eMeet & Greet and waiting list validation solutions all integrate with the NHS App and allow for services to share more information digitally with patients – and gather feedback from them – about their individual care, appointments, and wait times than ever before.

A digital front door into the NHS, Patient Engagement Portals are revolutionising the patient experience. Integration into the NHS App is only the beginning, and the potential of this solution is immense. As we continue to develop MyHealthCall PEP, created for the NHS by the NHS, we can enable extra functionality through videoconferencing, questionnaire integration, personalised comms and more.

We are very glad that plans are being made to extend the Wayfinder programme to include our colleagues within Mental Health and Community Trusts, and we look forward to partnering with them in their journey to implementing their own PEPs.

It was a pleasure meeting so many passionate NHS colleagues at Rewired this year. We’d love to continue the conversation. Our specialist team, made up of clinical safety experts and digital health specialists with a wealth of NHS experience, get in touch for a chat. This gives us an opportunity to discuss any specific challenges in detail and explore how a digital solution could best meet your operational and/or clinical needs. If you’re interested, please get in touch with [email protected] to schedule a time.