North Tees NHS Foundation Trust is piloting a new Hospital @ Home solution, which will go live today. The team will use Health Call’s new platform to monitor a small group of patients from home for frailty before rolling it out to respiratory and heart failure patients.



James Warnock, Senior Clinical Professional – for Out of Hospital Care at the trust, said:

“We’re excited to pilot Health Call’s Hospital @ Home platform. The solution promises exceptional user-friendliness, a crucial factor in remote patient monitoring. This new technology is set to enhance our trust’s remote care delivery, offering clinicians real-time access to patients’ vitals through a comprehensive dashboard. We look forward to analysing the platform’s data and assessing the impact of this innovative tool on patient outcomes and experiences.”


Health Call, a NHS-owned digital health company, developed the Hospital @ Home platform this year in collaboration with clinical experts and digital leaders throughout the NHS. Their objective was to craft a digital solution tailored to meet the unique requirements of NHS teams, equipped with the essential functionalities that clinicians need to deliver outstanding, safe, and secure remote care.


The platform offers a range of innovative features including forms capabilities, video conferencing, patient alerts and exportable patient data available in a trend view. A key component to the platform is its user friendly design and simplicity. Its intuitiveness ensures a straightforward and effortless experience for both patients and clinicians alike.

Ian Dove Managing Director at Health Call commented:

“Our Hospital@Home platform has been meticulously designed to cater to the precise needs of clinical teams, equipping them with the tools and functionalities essential for delivering exceptional remote care to patients. By taking input from clinicians, end users, and patients, we’ve seamlessly integrated these insights to build a solution that is fit for purpose and enhances the overall experience for everyone involved.”

Interested in finding out more about this new platform? You can learn more about our Hospital@Home here.

If you would like a more detailed overview or would like to see the solution for yourself get in touch with [email protected] to arrange a demo.