At Health Call, we’ve got nurses to thank for so many of our digital solutions.

They’re the people that work with patients day in and day out, and they understand their patient’s needs, challenges and pain points. That’s why we believe nurse-led digital innovation is the key to building successful solutions that can impact patient experience and outcomes.

Brochure of Digital Solutions-

Digital healthcare solutions continue to be vital in improving patient outcomes, reducing care costs, and providing more efficient care in the NHS. These solutions are uniquely positioned to tackle some of the most significant challenges in the NHS while simultaneously addressing patients’ ever-evolving needs, including the need for more personalised and accessible healthcare.


In recent years, we’ve developed many nurse-led digital solutions, including our Digital Care Home, Heart Failure@Home, Wound Care and Bladder & Bowel self-referral. These solutions have seen nurses at the forefront of their design and implementation.


Nurses have a deep understanding of their patient’s needs. They know what technology patients are likely to engage with and how it will be used by their teams. They understand the nuances and unique challenges that patients in their service and local area face. This knowledge makes them so valuable when cocreating a digital pathway.


As a result, they can effectively identify areas of improvement and spearhead digital transformation projects to develop technologies that better address those needs.


One nurse-led digital solution is our Bladder and Bowel Self-Referal. The initiative for the digital self-referral tool came from Continence nurses, who recognised that many people were not able to speak openly about their bladder and bowel problems face-to-face and wanted to create a discrete but efficient way for people to self-refer from their trust’s website.


Using the experience and insight from careers spent supporting people with bladder and bowel conditions, they recognised that people often struggled to speak honestly and give full details of their symptoms face to face. Additionally, they provided valuable feedback on language usage and emphasized the importance of making the tool user-friendly by using NHS word-of-mouth language when asking people questions about their symptoms online.


Our Digital care home solution is another example of a nurse-led solution that has been successful in improving patient care. This solution enables remote monitoring and assessment of care home residents, enabling care home staff to make high-quality electronic referrals to nurses when concerned about residents.


By involving nurses in developing and implementing digital technologies, we have been able to design solutions that genuinely meet patients’ needs. Nurses understand their patients’ pain points and are uniquely positioned to develop intuitive solutions that are a success on the ground and with end users. The involvement of nurses ensures that the digital transformation is patient-centred and practical. And we all know that engagement and investment are key for any digital solutions success.


The NHS must continue embracing nurse-led digital solutions to transform healthcare delivery continually. Nurses’ deep insights and experiences are essential ingredients for successful digital transformation. By prioritizing nurse-led digital solutions, we can expect better clinical outcomes, improved patient experience, and a more cost-effective healthcare system.


So on International Nurses Day, we would like to pay tribute to all the amazing nurses we have had the pleasure of working alongside to cocreate so many digital pathways. The success of these solutions would not have been possible without your support.


If you would like any more information on Health Call or any of our digital solutions, please contact [email protected]