Talking about bladder and bowel problems is sensitive and can be uncomfortable for many. Our Bladder and Bowel digital solution enables patients to self-refer to services without going to their GP.

The digital solution enables patients to self-refer from a preferred webpage on your Trust’s website and complete a digital self-assessment, answering questions on their symptoms from the comfort of their home.

Completing a paperless referral and self-assessment speeds up care and saves clinical time, as teams can utilise information from the assessment before the first appointment. It also encourages patients to answer questions on sensitive conditions more openly than they perhaps would in a face-to-face assessment.


Benefits include:

  • Increase service efficiency: digitise the referral and self-assessment process creating less admin for your clinical teams
  • Improve triage: detailed patient questionnaires are made available before the first appointment for greater insight into a patient’s condition
  • Better patient outcomes: Improving access to services and speeding up care will lead to better health outcomes for patients
  • Improves the patient experience: speeds up the referral process and deals with sensitive symptoms discreetly  


How it works

The patient will self-refer from their trust website, completing a digital self-referral to confirm their eligibility and identity. Once verified, they will be sent a link via email or sms to complete their self-assessment questionnaire digitally.

The questionnaire will take them through a series of questions about their symptoms. Once the patient completes the online self-assessment, it can be viewed by the professional for the next stage of care. The clinical team can then assess patients’ responses and offer them the most appropriate treatment. This ability to access the self-assessment before the first appointment supports better triage and also helps teams determine clinical priority and improve their caseload management.

Once discharged, patients will receive a patient outcomes questionnaire, and there are also capabilities to send a patient satisfaction questionnaire to evaluate the service.

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