The challenge

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust commissioned Health Call to provide a solution to collect COVID-19 lateral flow test results from staff. Staff test twice a week and the trust had to satisfy Public Health England reporting requirements. The trust wanted a solution with minimum administrative burden. Although the trust led on the development, they worked with other local trusts to develop the solution so it could be used elsewhere.

The solution required simple roll-out to a high number of staff simultaneously and needed to be live within two weeks of the development call being received.


Leaflet – COVID Staff Testing App

How does the covid staff testing  application work?

  • A self-enrolment link is sent out to staff
  • Staff use the link to register onto the lateral flow pathway
  • A ‘Welcome’ email is issued prompting users to set up login details
  • Staff can choose to submit their results using either the mobile app or online portal
  • During each reporting of a result, staff confirm the date they took the test, the bar code of the test strip and the result: positive, negative or invalid
  • Staff are asked again to confirm their result before being presented with immediate advice relevant to the reported result

product features

  • A self-enrolment link that can be distributed by the organisation in a way that suits their needs
  • Reference against the Personal Demographic Service (PDS) to ensure data quality
  • Individual can choose to use the mobile app or patient portal to self report
  • Administrators can access the clinician portal to allow rapid re-issue of emails to staff
  • Reporting, formatted to satisfy Public Health England (PHE) requirements

What are the benefits of the COVID Staff testing app?

  • Requires a very ‘light touch’ management of lateral flow results data collection, saving on resource
  • The app captures data about possible COVID infections in asymptomatic individuals before they are due to go to work
  • Trusts are adhering to national and local reporting requirements.
  • Staff are given reassurance and clear guidance depending on their test outcome
  • It helps keep patients safe from staff unintentionally spreading the virus

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Throughout the pandemic we’ve had to work at speed to respond to the changing situation. This testing programme involves thousands of our frontline clinical staff, and finding an intelligent digital solution for recording and reporting results was essential. The home testing app gives us real time information and the ability to respond quickly to positive results and keep people safe from COVID-19.

It’s been a real pleasure to work with Health Call to develop this app. Their ability to understand the specific challenge and work with us to develop a rapid response was exactly what we needed and gave the team working on this project real confidence. We now have a solution which is clear, simple and easy to use and provides real time data for national reporting.


Leaflet – COVID Staff Testing App