The challenge

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust needed a solution for the booking of staff COVID-19 vaccination appointments, and the ability to restrict this to particular groups of staff.

It also needed the two doses of the vaccine to be linked so that both appointments could be booked together – which ensured they complied with vaccination rules.

The trust led on the development but with input from other trusts who had similar requirements. The solution required a simple roll out to high numbers of staff, and for them to be able to administer their own booking without interaction from the vaccine booking team.


Leaflet – COVID Staff Vaccine Booking App

How does the covid staff vaccination booking application work?

  • Using the ‘Planning environment’, the trust builds the clinics• A self-enrolment link is sent out to staff
  • Staff use the link to register onto the booking app
  • Staff choose a dose 1 appointment from a list suitable for them
  • Staff are then presented with options for their dose 2 appointment
  • Confirmation emails are issued with the details of the appointments
  • Appointments can be cancelled using a link in the confirmation email
  • In the clinic, vaccination staff record if the person received their vaccine
  • Staff then receive email confirmation once their vaccination is complete
  • Vaccination booking staff can access the clinician portal and book or cancel appointments on behalf of others

What are the benefits of the COVID Staff Vaccination Booking app?

  • Both appointments are booked at the initial request which is vital as individuals are only protected once they receive both vaccinations.
  • The appointment time can be amended by the individual and reminders are sent in advance to reduce the possibility of appointments not being attended.
  • It provides the employer with the data around who has and hasn’t attended their vaccinations.
  • It provides reasons why vaccinations might not have been administered, such as them not being clinically eligible.

product features

  • A self-enrolment link that can be distributed by the organisation in a way that suits their needs
  • Reference against the Personal Demographic Service (PDS) to ensure data quality
  • Automatic filtering and display of appointment dates relevant to their cohort, 1st dose vaccine type and necessary weeks between doses 1 and 2
  • Self-management of appointments through web-based forms
  • Option for booking staff to manage appointments on behalf of others, through the clinician portal
  • Email reminders
  • Access to a ‘vaccinations booked’ dashboard
  • Reporting


  • Requires a relatively ‘light touch’ management of registration and bookings for the number of people invited to book, saving on resource
  • Correct period between doses and rules around vaccine type are always adhered to, increasing vaccine and vaccine planning efficacy, and increasing safety

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Leaflet – COVID Staff Vaccine Booking App