The challenge

People recently diagnosed with heart failure are often required to attend many appointments. This requires them to juggle weekly hospital appointments and restricts daily life. It also results in a substantial number of face-to-face appointments, home visits and clinical time.

The Solution

Our Heart Failure solution empowers patients by giving them the tools and confidence to manage their condition without restricting daily life.

Using our remote monitoring solution and digital pathway, newly diagnosed patients submit daily or monthly readings about their health and medication.

If readings are out of the ‘normal range’ or any of their answers are cause for concern, the clinician receives an alert to contact the patient or make an appointment.

This significantly reduces face-to-face appointments and home visits, creating capacity within clinical teams. In addition, nurses can titrate medication remotely and increase/decrease diuretics due to closer monitoring.

Self-monitoring also improves the patient experience, increasing their confidence and reassurance that their condition and medication are being monitored and providing a connection to their clinical team outside of appointments.


How does it work?

From the comfort of their own home, patients are provided with a kit to take readings for their blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels, heart rate, and weight which they input into their patient portal for review by the clinical team.

On the portal, there are also questions about their health, such as if they are experiencing any breathlessness, dizziness, leg swelling and other symptoms. Results are then snomed coded back into the electronic patient record.


Being able to self-monitor has helped my anxiety around my condition and given me the confidence to return to work.” – Patient


” I feel I now have more knowledge and understanding about my condition. I’m aware of the symptoms to look out for.” – Patient


“Having the equipment in the house reassured me (especially during lockdown periods) that my observations were being checked.” – Patient


“The solution reduced the number of clinic appointments and home visits. An additional benefit was the saving in terms of patient time and money for travelling to appointments (i.e. car parking etc).”- Clinician


  • Reduce face-face appointments saving clinical and improving efficiencies
  • Create capacity in teams by reducing travel time and home visits
  • Create patient reassurance
  • Save patients time and money in travel time and costs
  • Enable medication to be monitored and titrated remotely
  • Empower patients to take control of their condition and manage their health
  • Reduce carbon footprint by reducing car journeys to and from appointments

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