The challenge

  • The NHS currently spends over £15bn a year on medication
  • An average of over 2.7 million items are dispensed every day
  • Unused medication costs then NHS around £300m a year
  • Serious health consequences for patients can occur if medications are not correctly taken
  • Worsening symptoms and extra treatments are common, avoidable results of non-adherence to prescription plans

How does the Health Call Medication Reminder Service work?

The Health Call Medication Reminder Service ensures patients adhere to their medication regimes.

The service alerts patients via a communication method of their choice and reminds them to take their medication. Patients can be contacted by SMS, an app, online or by an automated telephone call.

The patient must accept the dose and confirm the medication has been taken.

The service ensures medication compliance and reduces waste.

The benefits of the health call medication reminder service

  • The NHS could save up to 60m per year if prescribed medicines were taken optimally rather than causing waste through unintentional non-adherence
  • Optimal use of medicines benefits patients, helping to treat and manage conditions and increasing quality of life