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Empower patients to manage outpatient appointments and communicate through the NHS App without any hidden charges.

Created for the NHS by the NHS, our patient engagement platform has been specially developed by NHS professionals with clinicians and patients in mind.

Our solution offers seamless integration into the NHS App. Provides patients with the ability to manage their outpatient appointments and communicate through the NHS App for an enhanced experience.

  • Streamline the patient journey
  • Reduce DNAs
  • Improve patient experience with easy access to pre-appointment information


Key functionality

Patients have the ability to:

  • Amend, accept and cancel appointments
  • Receive appointment reminders through in-app notifications and SMS
  • View letters and correspondence digitally
  • Access resources such as hospital maps and parking info
  • Access a single point of contact for their care
  • Receive update about their appointment such as potential delays or cancelations

Trust functionality




  • Integrated with NHS App to NHS UX standards
  • Integrates with all EPR and PAS systems
  • Consistent look and feel with the NHS App for a seamless experience

The solution

The Patient Engagement Platform (PEP) has been specially developed by NHS healthcare professionals who recognised the need for a ‘digital-first solution’ to help streamline the patient experience and alleviate the administrative pressures faced by NHS colleagues.

With the NHS App already used by over 50% of patients across England, creating an already imbedded functional solution means people don’t need multiple apps or logins to manage their appointments and correspondence.

PEP allows organisations to upload appointments, letters and correspondence directly into the NHS App for patients to see and gives them a single point of contact to respond to, or amend things, in real time.

Our patient engagement platform is a new era for the NHS, and integration into the app is only beginning. We will soon be able to manage the entire patient journey from referral to discharge from the NHS App as a digital front door.

Health Call has a library of digital solutions, including Virtual Wards, PIFU, Waiting list validation and remote monitoring solutions which have the potential to integrate into our PEP seamlessly, allowing you to manage the whole patient journey with one platform and supplier.



  • Could save each Trust over £1M on letters, printing, and postage
  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Patient transparency with appointments and correspondence
  • Integrated within the NHS App – no extra logins or requests for patients to download or register a new platform
  • Fully supported by patients. Research shows that;
  • 83% of patients say they will use PEP to speed up their health and care support
  • 81% like that everything will be in one place
  • 64% of patients support PEP as a means to saving the environment


  • Single point of contact for appointments
  • Accept, cancel, or amend an appointment
  • Appointment reminders
  • In-app notifications
  • Seamless integration with a consistent look and feel with the NHS app
  • Integration to the NHS App and login with a consistent user interface
  • Provides access to relevant information

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