The challenge

The Health Call Respiratory Remote Screening Application was developed for primary care in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. GP practices need a way of quickly identifying, triaging and providing treatment for high-risk respiratory patients.

Patients with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) usually attend an annual screening appointment at their GP practice. This health check is an opportunity to see how the patient is managing their condition. If patients don’t take part in their annual screening, they may deteriorate and present at healthcare services later.

By remotely screening patients, GP practices can maintain social distancing, and still carry out the vital annual assessment.


Leaflet – Respiratory Remote Screening

how the asthma and copd remote screening tools work

The asthma and COPD tools work in the same way:

  • GP identifies patient as a suitable candidate for remote asthma or COPD screening
  • GP registers patient to the platform and service from SystmOne or EMIS
  • Communication preference set by GP
  • Patient receives a text message or email inviting them to complete the assessment
  • Patient accesses the assessment by clicking on a link within the text message or email, they are then prompted to enter their date of birth
  • The patient answers questions relating to COVID symptoms. If they are display any, they are prompted to call 111 immediately.
  • The patient answers questions regarding any recent treatment
  • The patient answers questions regarding their quality of life. For those aged 4-11 there are questions for the parent to answer and questions for the child to directly answer
  • The response options to the quality of life questions are weighted and ‘Yes’ answers with regard to recent treatment are also indicators that a review is needed
  • The patient receives an immediate text message or email back advising them to book an appointment (if the parameters detailed above are true) or advising them they are fine
  • The submitted values automatically integrate with the GP record

product features

  • Patients are registered onto the system, directly from the GP system
  • Choice of text message or email communications
  • Easily accessed digital assessment that is also secure. Patients authenticate their account by inputting their date of birth
  • Immediate and automatic tailored advice to the patient
  • Integration of assessment values with the GP record

The Benefits of asthma and copd remote screening tools

  • Remote screening saves clinical time and resource but still means asthma and COPD patients can be closely monitored.
  • Patients who don’t respond to clinic invitations may respond better to remote screening.
  • Can save time and may lead to better response rates which increases the quality of clinical care.
  • Data recorded by the patient is integrated into the clinical system.
  • Clinicians can review deterioration or improvement against previous years results.
  • Results are coded and integrated into the clinical system for QOF.
  • Remote screening can be completed at any time therefore providing the patient with more flexibility to respond at a time that suits them.


Leaflet – Respiratory Remote Screening