The challenge

People living with severe mental illness are much less likely to engage in annual physical health checks. NHS clinical teams are struggling to meet national targets of conducting health checks with 75% of people diagnosed with SMI.

The low uptake of health checks reduces the opportunity for early intervention- for conditions such as diabetes, respiratory disease, and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, long term health issues are often left unchecked, contributing to the life expectancy for people with severe mental illness, which is currently 15- 20 years less than the average person.

The solution

Our SMI Annual Physical Health Check solution aims to help clinical teams to reach their targets and increase uptake of health checks by improving accessibility.

Our portable kits and digital pathway provide the tools to conduct health checks in a nonclinical setting, such as from the comfort of the patient’s own home. Teams are equipped with the tools to perform health checks for the Bradford Screening tool, checking HbA1c, lipids, weight, BMI, and lifestyle questions around smoking and alcohol consumption.

This intuitive solution is easy to use. The app will guide healthcare professionals through a series of prompts. Results will be snowmed coded and saved in a secure portal received directly into GP’s Electronic Patient Record (EPR).

The benefits

  • Greater accessibility for health checks to improve uptake
  • Efficiency saving: our solution saves time and travel for clinical teams
  • Increased flexibility for teams to conduct checks
  • Data is safely stored and integrated straight into GP’s Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

Our solution aims to make check-ups more accessible, increase uptake and improve the early detection of any health concerns to help close the physical health gap for people living with severe mental illness.


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