Deliver virtual appointments with confidence. 

Conduct virtual appointments with your patients on a secure, user-friendly video conferencing platform.

  • Integrates with the NHS App
  • Seamless user experience: Same look and feel as the NHS App
  • Available as standalone or as part of MyHealthCall PEP

Video conferencing solution for the NHS

Using remote consulting appropriately can enable faster, more convenient access to care while delivering timely face-to-face access for those who need it.

While video conferencing represents a relatively new but increasing way of delivering appointments, we understand that patient confidence, as well as usability and accessibility, are key to its success.

Our video conferencing platform has been designed with the same look and feel as the NHS App, building trust and authority.

Usability is at the core of our solution, developed to NHS App UX and UI standards it is highly accessible and easy to use:

  • Meets WCAG accessibility requirements
  • Designed to Government Design Standards (GDS)
  • Intuitive and user friendly design



High level features: 

  • Accessible from the NHS App
  • Virtual waiting rooms for hosts and participants
  • Meeting configuration parameters
  • In meeting controls
  • Screen sharing capability
  • Chat capability
  • Meeting invitations and reminders
  • Meeting recordings
  • View and manage participants in a meeting
  • Administration Management Portal
  • Whiteboarding
  • Confidence inspiring and security-driven

Benefits of remote consultation:

  • Save patients time, reducing the need to travel into the practice
  • Improve access for specific patient groups:
  • The working population, who may find it challenging to take time off work
  • physically housebound patients by reducing the need to travel
  • Patients who are digitally literate and happy to consult remotely
  • Carers or relatives of patients who can use remote consulting to provide better support for their loved ones
  • those living in rural/remote areas
  • Reduce waiting times for initial contact with a practitioner
  • Help patient groups experiencing difficulties with social interaction who may prefer remote consulting
  • Patients may find it easier to explain their symptoms using online consultation tools or explain embarrassing problems in a remote setting


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