The challenge

During the Covid-19 Pandemic there have been large pressures on the NHS and many of the routine services provided by Trusts have been either suspended or greatly modified whilst provision was made for the large numbers of patients being admitted to hospital requiring high levels of intervention and support.

The pandemic also accelerated many new and innovative ways of working to allow patients to be treated safely while minimising face-to-face contact where safe to do so. Thereby prompting the requirement for teleconferencing consultations.


What are the benefits of the Health Call Teleconferencing solution?

  • With the outbreak of COVID-19, video conferencing enables patients to be in contact with a health care professional, in the safety and comfort of their own home
  • Available for Primary Care, Secondary Care, Multi-disciplinary Teams (MDT) and Care Homes, allowing clinicians to communicate with patients, fellow clinicians and residents
  • With integration into hospital PAS and GP systems, the service is seamless and no manual entry is required
  • Clinicians can conduct consultations from almost anywhere, including from home
  • Clinic rooms and waiting room space could be freed up for other opportunities
  • The service can be used in care homes, reducing the need for nurses to visit the home
  • In care homes, it provides care home staff with vital support when they need it
  • It saves community nurses valuable time
  • Video consultations will reduce the need for the patient to travel to the hospital for their appointment reducing C02 emissions for a greener NHS and a greater degree of flexibility

Key facts

  • Meetings can be restricted to two participants or can be open to many
  • Meetings allow for camera and microphone sharing
  • Screen sharing is available from desktops
  • Chat function built in
  • Notes can be added after the call ends, to capture the outcomes from the call.
  • Integrated with clinical systems
  • Empowered care home staff
  • Better informed clinicians enabling improved caseload management
  • 30% reduction in community nursing visits
  • Reduced hospital admissions by an average of 3% per home, per month
  • Reducing risks for care homes – no expectation for staff to make referral calls as information stays on the tablet
  • Reduction in, inappropriate hospital admissions
  • Less time spent on the phone resulting in more time spent with residents
  • Reassured family and friends
  • Reduced duplication of work, no double entry requirement
  • Residents feeling better cared for and more involved in their own care
  • Full digital clinical audit trail

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