The NHS is set to receive a substantial boost of £30 million in government funding for innovative medical technology (Medtech), that promises to alleviate pressure on healthcare services this winter. This investment aims to harness cutting-edge technology to improve patient care, reduce waiting lists, and provide new and improved treatment methods. In this blog, we’ll explore how this funding can make a significant difference, focusing on how it aligns with the mission of NHS Health Call.

Empowering Integrated Care Systems (ICS’s)

Integrated Care Systems (ICS’s) across England will have the opportunity to tap into this funding, enabling them to invest in the latest medical technology tailored to their local needs. ICS’s, which combine various healthcare and social care services, can leverage this investment to bring about transformative changes in patient care.

Virtual Wards: Bringing Care Home

One exciting avenue this funding opens up is the expansion of virtual wards. These digital platforms allow patients to receive the care they need in the comfort of their own homes. With over 9,800 virtual ward beds already in operation, the NHS is well on its way to delivering 10,000 virtual ward beds ahead of the winter season. This expansion benefits patients by providing care in a familiar environment, but also helps free up much-needed hospital beds.

Monitoring of Long-Term Conditions

Investing in digital solutions is another way ICS’s can utilise this funding to improve patient care. These solutions enable patients to monitor vital signs, such as blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and weight, from their homes. This technology is particularly valuable for managing chronic conditions, allowing for early detection of any changes requiring medical attention in both a Virtual Ward and Long-Term Condition Monitoring scenarios.

Government Commitment to Healthcare Innovation

The Health and Social Care Secretary Steve Barclay, emphasises the importance of leveraging technology to improve healthcare delivery. The government’s commitment to investing in the latest tech innovations, from virtual ward beds to wearable medical devices, will support patients and relieve pressure on hospitals during the challenging winter months.

Making Innovations Accessible

Local NHS areas known as integrated care systems (ICS’s), will be able to submit bids to access these funds. The application process is expected to open soon to deliver patient benefits quickly.

The £30 million investment in innovative medical technology is a significant step toward enhancing patient care and easing the burden on healthcare services. By supporting ICS’s in adopting cutting-edge solutions, this funding aligns with the mission of NHS Health Call and our digital solutions. Which are already being used to improve patient outcomes and support healthcare professionals in providing the best care for their patients. Together, these efforts are shaping a brighter future for healthcare delivery in the UK, especially during challenging times like winter.

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